Our boys, Balinese and Siamese Cats
Linden's Winter Promise

Siamese, lilac-point (PRArdac N/N)(GM1 N/N)(PKD N/N)(MPS VI N/N)


Balinese, chocolate-point (PRA N/N)(GM1 N/N)(PKD N/N)(MPS VI N/N)

born November 17, 2014

breeder: Melanie Thörnqvist, Sweden

genetic code: aabbcscsDdll                                     





Ibsen is a beautiful Balinese male with very large impressive ears and a strong, muscular body.  We are grateful to Melanie Thörnqvist for giving us the opportunity to begin our breeding program with this exquisite and gentle boy. After contributing so wonderfully  to our breeding program, Ibsen is now retired.