Cattery located in the Laurentians, Quebec

  Soies D'Élé is located in the small town of Morin-Heights in the beautiful Laurentians, Quebec.  Country living at its best, surrounded by nature and beautiful mountains, the lifestyle is one of relaxation.  


  Our fascination with the Balinese began in 2013 when we first discovered the long-haired version of the Siamese.  We fell in love with the elegant beauty of the long coat and refined look of the breed.  Having previously owned, in 1994, and loved our Siamese boy, Raphael, we had an idea as to what to expect in regards to personality.  The Balinese are very much human-related and they will build a strong bond to their family.  


We hope to contribute honourably to the Balinese by respecting the breeds physical characteristics in type and their special temperament.  This is why it is important to know the lines which we select to work from and choose individuals who will respect the breed's healthy physical attributes as well as the breed's wonderful temperament.


 At Soies D'Élé, the health of our cats is very important to us.  Our cats are tested for infectious and genetic diseases.  We prioritize annual vaccination and anti-parasite treatments, so as to have cats that are in optimal health with a strong immune system.






Having our cats well-being at heart, they live with us as cherished family members.  Whether it is lying on our laps on a cold winter evening or simply enjoying the warm summer breeze in the veranda, our cats are present and share many aspects of our lives.  We privilege the special bond our children build with them and believe in its simple teachings of life.  For this reason, each and every one of our cat and kitten will forever hold a special place in our hearts.


Thus, we choose to have a small number of cats in our home wishing to provide a harmonious environment filled with individual attention and affection.  This will mean that, at times, we may have to rehome, to loving families, some of our beloved cats.  


Our goal is to provide healthy individuals who will respect the breed's standards and who will make excellent family companions.  In return, we hope that our cats and kittens will find homes where they will be loved and respected in their individuality.



It is important for us to recognize the help and trust that we have received to enable our breeding dream to come true.  First and foremost, I want to thank my family who have supported me and who have helped in giving the cats all the love they deserve.  


A very special thank you to my beloved sister, Dr Kathy Maurice.  We could not do this without her unconditional support and medical knowledge.  Her understanding of breeding in all its forms has been an important asset to many of our decisions.


We also wish to thank the breeders who have shown trust in us and who have permitted the beginning of this wonderful journey by allowing their very special cats to become the foundation of Soies D'Élé.  We are grateful to Rachele Cavillini, Lorenzo Mannucci, Mirjam Kessler and Melanie Thörnqvist.



Soies D'Élé is a registered cattery under the Chats Canada Cats association.  All of our cats are registered with the associations of their country of origin and with the Chats Canada Cats, the only Canadian association wishing to have each cat breed recognized and protected under the law of geneology.





Wishing to be knowledgeable and well prepared in the foundation of our cattery, Soies D'Élé has completed courses offered by the Chats Canada Cats.  It has received the certificates of these completed courses.