Our Girls, Balinese and Siamese Cats


Balinese, foreign white (PRA N/N)(GM1 N/N)(PKD N/N)(MPS VI N/N)

born February 3, 2014

breeder: Lorenzo Mannucci, Italy

genetic code: aaBBcscsDdll                                                         





Zoe is our beautiful and very elegant foreign white Balinese girl that came to us all the way from Livorno, Italy.  We are grateful to Rachele Cavillini and Lorenzo Mannucci's trust to allow this white princess to come to our family.  Zoe has since been neutered and is presently living with a family who adores their beautiful white princess.




Balinese, blue-tortie-point (PRA N/N)(GM1 N/N)(PKD N/N)(MPS VI N/N)

born September 23, 2014

breeder: Mirjam Kessler, Switzerland

genetic code: aaBbcscsddll                                                 



We are grateful for Mirjam Kessler entrusting us with our elegant blue-tortie girl

Arielle.  Arielle's silky velvet coat expresses grace in all its form.  Her sensitivity makes one undertsand just how privileged one is to bond with such a special girl. 


Balinese, lilac-point (PRA N/N)(GM1 N/N)(PKD N/N)(MPS VI N/N)

born November 9, 2015

breeder: Debbie Maurice





Delila Rose is very special for she is our first kitten to be born with us.  She has an incredibly sweet and gentle temperament.  She promises to have the silky coat from her mother, Arielle, and the deep blue eyes of her father, Ibsen.


Balinese, lilac tortie-point (PRA N/N)(GM1 N/N)(PKD N/N)(MPS VI N/N)

born December 6, 2016

breeder: Debbie Maurice